Dance Pandemic List Links

First, I encourage you to try these wonderful dances and to let the adaptors/choreographers know of your appreciation. These are dances choreographed for dancing alone or in households during the pandemic and generously shared in the effort to keep us all on our feet and dancing together even if we are alone. The links are listed alphabetically below. Many are adapted from other dances, often with delightful plays on the names. Check for these dances on YouTube. See also Bob Green’s wonderful site with videos of some of these dances and additional dances, often including instructions beside the video.

Don Bell’s Videos of several one couple dances suitable for families dancing in a small space during the pandemic. About a dozen different dances.

Louise Siddons has been posting her workshop ECD adaptations on this website, along with the workshop notes:

Seven English Country Dances, for dancing alone, video with teaching and calling by Louise Siddons, with music:

Louise Siddons’ video tips for dancing solo:

Performance Video

Dance Animations by Keith Wood for some of these, and many other dances, are available at Dance Kaleidoscope’s excellent website type in the name of the dance and it will likely be available in the box below. Below the dance animation there is a button for “Call Sheet” which includes instructions for the dance.

Another suggestion for moving to ECD music comes from Don Bell. Music here: Article here;

Playford Pandemic Ball

Playford Pandemic Ball Out-Take

I warmly recommend viewing Karen Axelrod’s marvelous Tuesday Evening videos. They can be viewed, even if you do not have a Facebook account, on her page. They have been made weekly since March 31. Karen plays along with many other musicians who are patched in. You’ll hear some of your favorite tunes and get wonderful visits with the dance community via the message side bar and simply seeing the interactions with Karen, the music, and those who are playing along.

Dancing Minds- Darlene Hamilton’s Five Things is an amazing series of interviews with numerous people from the dance community, it’s available on Facebook and Youtube.

Dances: Click the link to go to that dance’s page.

Alice Alone/Alice No Longer Alone by Sharon Green

Alice re-adapted by Sharon Green

All Around Our World – Flying Solo by Lea Smith

All Saints Day adapted by Cathy Hollister

Alone Behind the Fire

Apley House (adapted) by Catherine Campbell

Bar a Bar for One Couple by Don Bell

Barbarini’s Trampoline by Sharon Green

Barham Down adapted by Catherine Campbell

Be Well in Your Hall by Carmen Giunta

Beautyberry adapted by Sharon Spangler

Bellamira adapted by Catherine Campbell

Bellamira with Two B’s as adapted by Sharon Green

Bonnie at Noon by Sharon Spangler

Bonny Lad and Bonny Lass solo adaption by Sharon Green

Bryon’s Backup by Sharon Green

Bryon’s Backup Revised by Sharon Green

Changeling by Sharon Green

Christina adapted by Sharon Green

Cloistered Gardens by Sharon Green video below at Kelsterne Gardens

Companionless by Sharon Green

Dover Pier adapted by Catherine Campbell

Dublin Bay adapted by Catherine Campbell

Adaptation of Emperor of the Moon by Sharon Green

Faithless Nancy Dawson – modified by Alan Rosenthal

The Farmer’s Joy adapted by Cathy Hollister

Four Pence Half Farthing adapted by Catherine Campbell

Freeford Gardens adapted by Cathy Hollister

Freeform Gardens by Sharon Green

The Geud Man of Balangigh adapted by Alan Rosenthal

Halsway Manners adapted by Cathy Hollister

A Health To All Honest Men adapted by Cathy Hollister

Heartsease adapted by Catherine Campbell

Highlander Be Well by Sharon Spangler

The Hole in the Wall adapted by Cathy Hollister

Home-Aloneverton Grove by Alan Winston

Homebound Duet by Judy Keeling

The Hopscotch by Catherine Campbell

How Dare You Stop Me Dancing by Neil Stuart

I Care Not For Any Ladies At All, Thank you. Nor Gentlemen, Either by Kalia Kliban

The ReIntroduction by Sharon Green

Jack’s Health adapted by Cathy Hollister

Jaque Latin or Jaque IsoLatin adapted by Sharon Green

The Jolly Company, or No Jolly Company by Sharon Green

Jonathan and Lynn’s Waltz by Sharon Green

Joy, Health, Love, and Peace by Neil Stuart

Kelsterne Gardens w Serpentine adapted by Cathy Hollister

Kensington Court solo by Sharon Green

Kind And Easey, adapted by Susan English

Lark Duo by Alan Winston

Leather Lake House adapted by Cathy Hollister

Locked In The Cellar by Sharon Green

Locked in the Cellar With You! By Sharon Green

The Lonesome Lass, and The Not So Lonesome Lass, by Sharon Green

Lord Foppington solo adaptation by Sharon Green

Maiden Alone by Sharon Green

Mandy’s Farewell to Fairbourne by Trevor Monson

Michael and One Angel by Sharon Spangler

Mistwold solo adaptation by Sharon Green

A Morning Grumble by Sharon Green

Mount Hills Duo by Sharon Green

Mount Hills Solo by Sharon Green

No Introduction by Catherine Campbell

The Old Wife Behind the Door by Sharon Green

Polka Dot Diamond by Alan Winston

The ReIntroduction by Sharon Green

Rose of Tankerton Adaptation for one couple, Rose of Yallambie by Colin Towns

Rose of Tankerton Adaptation for one person, Stamen of Covid by Colin Towns

Row Well Ye Mariner Catherine Campbell

A Separate Peace by Sharon Green

Sharon Spangler’s dances and adaptations

Sides of Mutton by John Sweeney Instructions Link Video Link

A Sign of the Times by Neil Stuart

Singly Still by Sharon Green

Smithy Chill at Home by Alan Winston

A Socially Distanced Jig by Neil Stuart

Softly Good Tummas adapted by Catherine Campbell

Solely Good Tummas by Sue Dupre

Solitude Waltz by Alan Winston

Solo Shapes Duo Shapes by John Sweeney

Steps Back In Time by John Sweeney Instructions Link Video Link

To the Presence by Sharon Green

Trim The Sails by Chris Sackett and Brooke Friendly

Trip to Your Imagination by Carmen Giunta

Wa’ Is Me, What Mun I Do Alane by Carmen Giunta

Well’s Humour Solo adaptation by Sharon Green

When Laura’s Free by Sharon Green

Windowbox Clover by Alan Winston