Companionless by Sharon Green

Companionless (Sharon Green, 3/23/20)

Adapted from Victor Skowronski’s Companions (2003)

Tune: Ronde II, Mon Amy by Tielman Susato [AABBCC]


1-2 Dance diagonally right
3-4 Balance right and left


1-2 Dance diagonally left
3-4 Balance right and left


1-4 Face en Face, as follows:
Still facing up, fall back on the left diagonal (4), then advance on the right diagonal (4)
[You are making a V figure, starting at the top left]
On the last beat, pull your right shoulder back to face down


1-4 Back to Back

C1 1-6 Still facing down, do six changes of a hey for four*, starting by the right shoulder, ending by opening out to flow into a
C2 1-6 Right-shoulder figure eight across
[End in the center of the figure eight, facing up, ready for the next round]

*In C1, if you find the six changes too taxing, you can substitute a right-shoulder figure eight. I prefer the tight six changes because they give a sense of the energy of Victor’s fine dance. Remember, these adaptations are just place-holders. We will dance Companions and Peace Be with You and Maiden Lane again, my friends.