The Hopscotch by Catherine Campbell

The HopScotch – adapted from the traditional dance the HopGround by Catherine Campbell

Inspired by thoughts of Spring and childhood chalk on driveways, as well as The HopGround:

One person longways set. Alternate dancing as a “1” on either side of the set.


1-4 Face on the diagonal and set twice

5-8 Half-figure 8 down (cross on that same diagonal and walk up)

A2 1

1-8 Repeat on the other diagonal from the new place (you are now home)


1-4 Walk down as far as you can or want

5-8 Hopscotch pattern of your choice back to the opposite place (where you started A2). If you are tired just walk up


1-8 4 changes of rights and lefts in your imaginary set or just walk a big loop and go back to this position

Dance from this other place the next round of the dance.