Mandy’s Farewell to Fairbourne by Trevor Monson

Mandy’s Farewell to Fairbourne

1 couple longways dance

Tune – Ffarwel i’r Marian (Farewell to the Shore, sheet music below)

A1 Lead up (6) and set. Cast back to place (6) and cross over passing right shoulder (6) – stay facing out

A2 ‘Face en Face’:- [Fall back passing right shoulder (6) then move forward passing left shoulder (6)] finish facing out. Cast down a place (6) (no twiddles – just go) and right hand turn ½ way moving back up to place (6)

B1 ‘Right and right through’ :- [Cross over passing right shoulder then turn individually ¼ left (6), fall back along the side then turn individually ¼ left (6), cross over passing right shoulder then turn individually ¼ left (6), fall back along the side (6)] ending left hand to left hand (home)

B2 Left hand turn once round (12). Take both hands and balance forward and back (6) then change sides by turning the lady under (mans right, ladies left hand) to face down for next time through

Repeat the whole dance facing down to finish facing up. Repeat twice more if wanted!

Numbers in brackets are the number of steps to give some idea of timing – 3 steps to the bar.

Dance written for Mandy for her birthday ‘zoom dance’ on 23rd June 2020. She has Parkinsons, but finds dancing is very good for her and keeps her moving, so does not want to stop dancing during lockdown.

Used with permission and played by Dampiers Round, featuring Moira and Peter Gutteridge.

Mandy used to have a house in the village of Fairbourne on the North Wales coast on the edge of Snowdonia National Park, before moving back to England. However the future of Fairbourne looks uncertain as the sea defences may not be replaced/upgraded and the village may end up in the sea. Hence the double meaning in the title of the dance, and the choice of tune. But hopefully still a happy dance to be enjoyed!

Trevor Monson (June 2020)