All Saints Day adapted by Cathy Hollister

A 1-2 dancer version of:

All Saints Day, David Ashworth, 1991

Music- Chestnut [ABB] (Dove’s Figary ) 1651

Modified by Cathy Hollister, 2020

To get started:

Identify the top of your hall. With your partner (real or imaginary) line up as the 1st couple in a long way set. You have imaginary neighbors in the 2nd couple position.

The dancer on the 1st diagonal is Dancer #1, the dancer on the 2nd diagonal is Dancer #2.

A11-4Left shoulder around (end at home, face diagonal)

5-81st diagonal change, 2nd diagonal change
B11-4Fall back a double, lead forward, cross and turn to face in

5-8Right shoulder around half, end facing up (#1 on the right)
B21-4Up a double, fall back

5-8Cross up to home (#2 dancer crossing first), set right & left