Changeling by Sharon Green

Last month Joanna Reiner Wilkinson called a new dance I wrote, one inspired by a gorgeous smooth jig composed by Dave Marcus of Reelplay. The dance seemed to go well, so I’m sharing it here.  

Changeling by Sharon Green 


1-4 Partners cross by the right shoulder and loop left into each other’s places

5-8 Partners left-shoulder back to back  


1-4 Partners right-shoulder back to back

5-8 Partners cross by the left shoulder and loop right into original position  


1-4 1st couple dance the Mad Robin figure clockwise** around their neighbors below

5-8 1st couple dance the Mad Robin figure counterclockwise** around their neighbors above  


1-4 Partners left-shoulder swirly siding

5-8 Partners two-hand turn, releasing early to flow into the opening of the next round*  

*When Changeling no longer has to be danced solo, in B2, 5-8 the first couple will move down the set to their progressed place as they turn, while the second couple will cast up.

**During Covid dancing, the Mad Robin figure can be in whatever direction makes the dancer happy.