Singly Still by Sharon Green

Another solo dance adaptation for today, this one inspired by Debbie Jackson, who played Smithy Hill this morning on Facebook Live.

Singly Still (Sharon Green, 3/25/20)

Tune: Smithy Hill by Brian Jenkins [A1, A2 ad lib, 2 beats to the bar]

One-person shortways set 

With thanks to the late Tom Cook for his dance Smithy Hill, long a favorite, and to Debbie Jackson for her playing of the tune.


1-2 Starting left foot, take 2 sidesteps left

3-4 Set left and right

5-8 All that again

9-12 Facing up, dance an elongated right-shoulder round

13-16 Facing down, dance an elongated left-shoulder round [End facing left]

(You essentially have danced a right-shoulder figure eight. If you feel like it, you can throw in a quick turn single left at the end. Just be sure to end facing left.)


1-4 Facing left, lead out a double, turn and lead back

5-8 Facing right, dance a back to back

9-12 In that same direction, dance the track of a half-hey for four

13-14 Turn single left

15-16 Set left and right