A Health To All Honest Men adapted by Cathy Hollister

A 1-2 dancer version of:

A Health to All Honest Men, 1718

Modified by Cathy Hollister

To get started:

Identify the top of your hall. With your partner (real or imaginary) line up as the 1st couple in a long way set. You have imaginary neighbors in the 2nd couple position.

The dancer on the 1st diagonal is Dancer #1, the dancer on the 2nd diagonal is Dancer #2.

Set to partner (set up the hall first), mirror turn single

Back to Back w/ neighbor
Set to neighbor (set out first), mirror turn single to face partner

Back to Back
1st diagonal change, 2nd diagonal change

Lead up, cast (end at the top of the set, across from home)
Half Draw pousette CCW

Half straight pousette CCW to end at home