Solitude Waltz by Alan Winston

Solitude Waltz  by Alan Winston – 3/22/2020
“duple minor” set (works for one or four, progresses)
32-bar moderate tempo waltz – not too fast!
Like it to Larry Unger’s “Hardwick” on Waltz Time.  

1-16: set right and left; turn single traveling one place around the ring,
repeat 3 more times to home  

17-20: waltz balance diagonally in (right foot) and out (left foot) traveling one place around the ring; repeat once more (now progressed and improper)

21-24: facing into the set, path of a long back to back (lead forward for 2 measures, back for 2)

25-28: 1 waltz step per side, 4 changes of a circular hey back to this spot (if solo, you can just meander around the way you’re facing)

29-32: right shoulder around 1.5 with partner to progressed proper place

[repeat in new (imaginary) set or face back into old set and do it in the other role.]