Kelsterne Gardens w Serpentine adapted by Cathy Hollister

Kelsterne Gardens w Serpentine

To get started:

Identify the top of your hall. You and your partner (real or imaginary) line up as 1s in a 3 couple set. Within your space, identify where your imaginary neighbors, both 2s and 3s, are located.

A11-2(Mirror figure 8s) Lead down to bottom of set

3-4Bulge at the bottom, turn in

5-6Lead up to top

7-8Bulge at the top and cast to home
A21-8Full figure 8 (top 2 positions)
B11-2Mirror Serpentine ( Straight across)

3-4Cross to long corner at the bottom of the set

5-6Big loop to face partner (in 3rd position on home side of set)
B21-2Straight across

3-4Cross up to home position

5-6Turn in to face partner