No Introduction by Catherine Campbell

No Introduction (Catherine Campbell, 3/28/20)

Based on The Introduction by Fried de Metz Herman. Recordings available by Foxfire and Bare Necessities.

One person set. Position yourself by facing up then do a quarter turn to your right. (“Man 1”)


1-4 Set and cast right through the “middle” of the set into “2nd” place continuing to loop right to face “in” to the set

5-8 Right shoulder Swirly siding over and back (6 steps each) Take a pause point after the first part of the siding


1-4 Set and cast up

5-8 Left shoulder swirly siding over and back (end facing “in” to the set)


1-4 Forward and down on the right diagonal (pause and pivot to change direction) and then forward and down on the left diagonal and turn right to face the way you just came

5-8 Reverse to return home


1-4 Set and lead down and cast up and continue that cast into…

5-8 Right shoulder round – take as much space as you can depending on the size of the “dance hall”. End where you started the dance.