Homebound Duet by Judy Keeling

Homebound Duet is an ECD by Judy Keeling, March 2020, for 2 people, danced to the tune “Elizabeth”, by Colin Hume, in 3-time.
Partners stand as for a longways set.


1-4         Partners set right and left and Petronella turn 1/4 to the right (finish M facing up, L down in the middle of the set).
5-8         Partners set right and left and Petronella turn 1/4 turn to the right (finish improper).


1-4          Left shoulder Sharp siding.
5-8          Right hand turn once around.


1-4          Lead up, separate and cast back.
5-8          Lead down, separate and cast back.


1-4          Taking R hands balance forward and back and turn the lady under to change places (All now in home positions)
5-8          Step right and honor, step left and honor.

Judy added, “I did these videos for my friend in England  who wanted her dance group to be able to dance at home if they had a partner. They are amateur videos done purely to try to bring smiles at this difficult time. My daughter, Hannah who doesn’t do ECD or play dance music is the pianist!”

Teaching instructions:

Duet Calling 3X: