A Sign of the Times by Neil Stuart

(c) Neil Stuart, 2020

Pandemic version for one couple. Tune: 32 bar spritely reel

A1Couple petronella turn Rt one place, so facing up and down, man below lady (2 bars); LH Turn ½ way (2 bars), then RH Turn ¾ (4 bars). Home
A2Repeat the petronella turn Rt and LH Turn ½ way (4 bars); RH Turn once round (4 bars). On centre line, Man above Lady, man with back to camera.
B1½ Figure 8 across the set starting towards man’s wall (4 bars); Up and down, back-to-back Rt shoulder (4 bars).
B2Take 2 hands with Ptnr (facing up and down the room) and lady pulling, draw poussette ¾ round back to home places (6 bars); Set R&L (2 bars).