All Around Our World – Flying Solo

ALL AROUND OUR WORLD ( or FLYING SOLO ) by Lea Smith 3-22-20
One person set, facing North

32 bar Waltz ( I like the recording ‘Turning of the Year’, by Bare
Necessities )


1-4 Set Right & Left, Turn Single Right
5-8 Set Left & Right, Turn Single Left


1-4 Dance Forward (toward North) & Back to place
5-8 Fall Back (toward South) & Come Forward


1-4 Dance a Right Shoulder Loop to the North, come back to place, end facing South
5-8 Left Shoulder Loop to the South, end facing West


1-4 Left Shoulder Loop to the West, end facing East
5-8 Right Shoulder Loop to the East, end facing West

Repeat three times, starting facing West, then South, then East.

Note; if you are missing traveling by air, you can make ‘airplane arms’ during the B parts, and really soar.