Polka Dot Diamond by Alan Winston


A satisfying solo dance inspired by “Polka Dots” Updated: April 12, 2020

32 bar lively jigs or bouncy reels, Irish polkas at manageable tempi, etc.

Music link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfI8XpmZglc&t=203s (Nice medley with “Over the Waterfall / Maggie in the Woods / Drowsy Maggie”).

4x is all way through the dance.

[Dance pattern allows traveling rant step or skip change if you’ve picked music that supports it.]

Dancer stands where the two bars of a plus sign (+) cross over. Vertical axis is North-South,

Horizontal is West-East (as usual compass directions). Imagine lines connecting the vertices

of the plus sign; that’s a diamond shape, and those are the outside lines. Start facing North.

A1: Full figure eight (hey for one) on North-South axis, going right shoulder around North,

left shoulder around South.

A2: Full figure eight (hey for one) on West-East axis, going LEFT shoulder around West,

right shoulder around East (and finish facing North).


1-2: forward a double to the North

3-4: Swivel 45 degrees and fall back along the N-W outside line

5-6: swivel to face in and forward a double along the W-E inside line to center

7-8: swivel to face N, fall back along N-S inside line to S


1-2: swivel to go forward a double on the outside S-W line

3-4: swivel to fall back to the center on the inside W-E line.

5-8: Set and turn single, finishing facing E.

Repeat as though whichever point you were facing were now North.