Michael and One Angel by Sharon Spangler

Michael and One Angel by Sharon Spangler
(Adapted from “Michael and All Angels” by Fried Herman, music recording by Foxfire)

R shd round Loop L (keep the loops fairly small, so the shoulders round and turns can be expansive) L hd trn Loop R
L shd round Loop R R hd trn Loop L
L hd trn 1/2  Sliding doors R hd trn 1/2 Sliding doors
Sg file circle Full pousette  Keeping hands, balance forward & back Trn sg R
Note: The “sliding doors” is across the circle. Step sideways toward each other to face, change hands, step out. Then you continue the trn by the R hd and do the sliding doors again. The sg file circle is in the direction you are facing after the second sliding door (counterclockwise).

There’s a good video of the original dance that helps–the sliding door figure is at the 30 second mark: