A Socially Distanced Jig by Neil Stuart

From Neil Stuart, see his notes below:


Longways duple minor, proper. Tune: 32 bar lively jig

(c) Neil Stuart, 2020

One couple version.

Man sets R&L in place, then Turns Single Rt (4 bars); into…
…single file circle clockwise ½ way, both Turn Single Left (4 bars).
Repeat A1 led by Lady. Again circle ½ way clockwise and TS Left (8 bars).
All home
Back-to-back Rt shoulder (4 bars);
Cross Rt shoulder loop down, come towards each other and face up (don’t touch!!), (4 bars) into….
…Symmetrical back-to-back up and down (with ghosts!), 1s up through the middle (don’t take hands!!) (4 bars);
½ Figure 8 up, looping round back to place (4 bars).

A version for a single couple of a dance written during the Coronavirus pandemic. Given the period of social distancing and self-isolation, and contrary to the norms of our social dancing that usually includes at least some form of physical contact with our partners and other dancers, this was intentionally created with moves that do not involve any contact with other dancers.
It will help couples to imagine ‘ghost’ 2nd couples with them in the single file circles ½ way in A1 and A2 and for the symmetrical back-to-back in B2.
It is suggested that as much of the dance as possible is done with a skip-change step to some lively jigs, so as to help banish the Coronavirus blues.
Original written March 28 & 29, 2020.
Single couple version created June 7, 2020

The original version of this dance was written to be danced once the pandemic is over and has some slightly different figures in B1 and B2. It also encourages dancers to touch each other!