I Care Not For Any Ladies At All, Thank you. Nor Gentlemen, Either by Kalia Kliban

I Care Not For Any Ladies At All, Thank You. Nor Gentlemen, Either.1-person mixer by Kalia Kliban 6/8, to the tune of I Care Not For These Ladies, which is in Barnes 1. There’s a nice recording on “Simple Pleasures” by Bare Necessities (Boston Centre vol. 3).  


A 1-8 Slip around your living room to the left, then to the right.

B 1-4 Set and turn single, ending facing a piece of furniture.

C 1-8 Pass this piece of furniture by the right, pass another one by the left, then dance clockwise all the way around a third one.  


A 1-8 With that third piece of furniture, swirly siding over and back twice.

B and C as above  


A 1-8 Place your right hand on the third piece of furniture and dance around it, then left hand. If it’s a lightweight chair, you can pick the chair up and dance with it.

B and C as above.  

Repeat as many times as needed.