Windowbox Clover by Alan Winston

WINDOWBOX CLOVER   32-bar moderate waltz, 4x.   [Waltz dance with little risk of dizziness, no set and turn single.]  

Alan Winston, finished 7/26/2020, update 08/19/20    

Tune choices   If you have live music available, choose a 32-bar waltz you like, with clear   phrasing and 2-bar emphasis in the B. (Utpik Waltz played AB is a good   choice.) Even within that shape, many different   emotional effects are available depending on tune.     For recordings, surprising how few in my collection are 4x(AB).     Rodney Miller & Elvie Miller – Spyglass Waltzes  

—————————————————-   Home to the Valley (ends on the 5th A, beautiful, upbeat)   Valentine’s in Nantes (jaunty)       Vivian Williams – Waltzes   ————————–   Emma (lushly romantic, spare setting, 4x)   Good Neighbor waltz (really Victorian sound, 4x, right phrassing)     Amarillis – Waltzing in the Trees   ———————————-   Fair Haired Lass (steadily builds in intensity)       Terpsichore – Caledonian Muse   —————————–   Catherine’s Waltz (sparkly, happy, not saccharine, goes surprising places)

Solo dance, dancer in the middle of a plus-sign with the ends N, E, S, W,   facing North to start.    

A (four leaf clover)  

4 bars: Go round N by right shoulder, finish facing W  

4 bars: Go round W by LEFT shoulder – easiest to finish facing E  

4 bars: Cast R to go round S by right shoulder  

4 bars: go round E by LEFT shoulder, finish facing W     Note that starting the clover will often but not always feel like casting;   go with it.        

B (windowbox) [Stay facing the same direction through the entire B]    

2 bars: chasse/sidestep right twice (toward N on NS line)  

2 bars: single steps forward starting on foot closer to home   (whatever’s a comfortable distance; toward NE corner)  

2 bars: chasse/sidestep left twice (S direction to E on outer line)  

2 bars: single steps backward to center spot      

2 bars: chasse/sidestep left twice (toward S on NS line)  

2 bars: single steps forward (starting on foot closer to home)   (toward SE corner)  

2 bars: chasse/sidestep right twice (N direction to E on center line)  

2 bars: single-step back to center place, facing E.      

Note: You may enjoy adding hand/arm motion on the sidesteps. Feel free!    

Dance starts again with E as N. Four times through the pattern gets you home.