Lark Duo by Alan Winston

LARK DUO by Alan Winston
Two-person dance, 32-bar tune, 4x
Tune: Sprigs of Laurel works really well Figures are: USSA (eg, shoulder siding AND swirl siding)


1-4:  up a double and back / rsh side / lsh swirl side / arm R
5-8:  set and turn single


1-4:  down a double and back / lsh side / rsh swirl side / arm l
5-8:  set and turn single


1-2:  RH turn halfway (changing sides)
3-4:  L turn single
5-6:  LH turn halfway (back to own side)
7-8:  R turn single, face partner


1-4: Partners back to back
5-8: Partners two-hand turn.