Click Links or Play to see some of our favorite videos: (Caveat- the dances never look as good as they feel!)

Exploring why we dance and how it brings us together: Dance, Dance Evolution

The first video, Alice, begins with teaching. The dancing starts at about 1:40 mark.

Barbarini’s Tambourine – 2 videos for this favorite!

The Hole in the Wall

Juniata and Dunsmuir Waltz at a performance with some lovely transitions


Good Man of Cambridge by Gary Roodman


Joy After Sorrow performed at Australia’s National Folk Festival by The Sydney English Country Dancers, our sister group.

Margaret’s Waltz

Newcastle – a slower version than we use.

Prince William

Princess of Wales, Her Waltz

Princess of Wales, Her Waltz. Dance and tune, written and played by Robert Jamison of South Carolina. Danced in honor of his 70th birthday by The Sydney English Country Dancers, as noted by their greeting and comment at the end.  Directions and Sheet Music available on request.

Sapphire Sea