Locked In The Cellar by Sharon Green

Locked in the Cellar (Sharon Green, 4/3/20)

Adapted from Key to the Cellar by Jenny Beer (2004)

Tune: Key to the Cellar (old name for tune now known as Cam’ Ye O’er Frae France)

Recorded Sources: Daron Douglas and Karen Axelrod, Foxfire; Bare Necessities, New Shoots

With thanks to my friend Jenny Beer for giving me permission to mess with her super dance.

One-person shortways set [adapted from a triple minor]. Think of the formation as a three-couple set]

AABB 3/2, so 3 steps to the bar


1-2 [Start facing up] Pulling left-shoulder back, cast down to

middle place

3-4 Lead down to the bottom, cast back up to middle place by

right shoulder. Face across the set [East]


1-2 Facing east, forward (3) and back (3)

3-4 Lead up to the top, cast down to middle place as in A1 1-2

Face on the right diagonal.


1-4 On the right diagonal, dance the track of a tight hey for 3

across the dance (12)

[Start as if giving left-shoulder to your 1st Corner]


1-2 Dance right-shoulder around once in middle place.

[Face down]

3-4 Cast up to top place by right-shoulder (or Dance a moving right-shoulder round to top place)

As you can see, the above is the 1st Gent/Left-file track from Jenny’s triple minor dance, modified slightly to eliminate the progression. The two-person variant is even more similar to the original.