Freeform Gardens by Sharon Green

Freeform Gardens, A Solo Dance Adaptation (Sharon Green, 4/17/20)

Adapted from Freeford Gardens by Kathryn and David Wright

Recorded Source: Bare Necessities, Simple Pleasures

With apologies to Kathryn and David, and to Bonnie Richardson

Start facing your (invisible) partner across the set

A1 Set right and left advancing and turn single

Cross the set by the right shoulder and loop left to face partner

A2 All that again

B1 Crossing down to start, dance a whole figure 8 across the set

B2 Right-shoulder back-to-back

Dance a wide right-shoulder round ending home

Bonnie Richardson of the Napa English Country Dance created an earlier adaptation of Freeford Gardens, but when I wanted to include Freeford in a Zoom event, I couldn’t remember how Bonnie’s version ended. So this is what I threw together.