When Laura’s Free by Sharon Green

When Laura’s Free, A Solo Dance Adaptation (Sharon Green, 4/18/20)

Adapted from Orly Krasner’s When Laura Smiles

Tune: When Laura Smiles by Philip Rosseter

Recorded Source: Bare Necessities, By Request; Reunion, Celebrations

A1 Lead down, lead back up

Cloverleaf turn away from (invisible) partner [Face up]

A2 Lead up, lead back down

Cloverleaf turn away from (invisible) partner [Face across]

B 1-4 Cross by the right shoulder [Face down]

Cross down 1 place by the left shoulder [Face across]

5-7 Dance right-shoulder round with (invisible) partner

[or right-hand turn once round with partner]

8-11 Right-shoulder back-to-back

12-13 Cross the set by the left shoulder

[End facing down]