Barbarini’s Trampoline by Sharon Green

Barbarini’s Trampoline (Sharon Green, 3/27/20)

Tune: Barbarini’s Tambourine

One-person shortways set

With thanks to Jacqueline Schwab for her 1987 reconstruction of Barbarini’s Tambourine, to Graham Christian for his recent livestream chat about Mlle. Barbarina (the dancer Barbara Campanini), and to the Germantown Country Dancers for the irrepressible, infectious hop.


1-8    Pulling your left-shoulder back, cast left, and dance up into a loop right to end opposite your original position facing down

                  [You have completed a figure S]


1-8    Pulling your right-shoulder back, cast right, and dance down into a loop left to end in your original position facing up             


1-4    Fall back a double, then dance up as if changing places with a partner, and face down

5-12  Back to back right-shoulder; back to back left-shoulder


1-2    Forward a double (hop!)

3-4    Fall back a double (hop!)

5-6    Set forward right and left

7-8    Turn single right halfway to face up

9-12  Dance a wide right-shoulders round to end facing up

Note: B2 (5-8) is a variant on the Scottish move set and link.